Murder Mystery Retreat In A Box Special Edition


To: Black Needle Investigative Services
To whom it may concern,
I hope you can help us, as the police have been unable to satisfactorily answer our inquiries. My brother, Karl, was discovered dead at the Garden Plaza hotel, the night before the opening of the annual Needlework Convention. The police have ruled it an accident, but my mother and I cannot believe it. The circumstances of his death were too bizarre.
I am writing to you, because I believe I have found the perfect opportunity to find the person responsible. The Needlework Convention has been rescheduled for April 23, 2022 (the first was cancelled after my brother’s death). As my brother was the owner of the largest fabric manufacturing and dyeing establishment in the United States, Bastelstoff Emporium, they will be hosting a memorial for him at the event. All of the original convention attendees will be there.
If you accept the case, I can provide you with a copy of the case file, and other useful bits gathered from my brother’s hotel room and office. Please let me know by October 31, so I may make the necessary arrangements for your attendance at the convention.
Please, help me find who murdered my brother.

Katharina Webber


Will you take on the case?
Our Novels and Needles box for 2022 will be a murder mystery box! Some box items will be inspired by a few of our favorite literary detectives, however we have created our own mystery for you to solve using the contents of your box. You will also have the opportunity during an afternoon event on April 23 to question the suspects! (Not to mention, you’ll also have the opportunity to stitch and chat with your fellow sleuths.) For the first time, we will be hosting this live stitching chat via Zoom. We will have a Facebook Group for the event where we will be sharing posts and other information with attendees in one contained location. Facebook is optional for this event, but highly recommended.


Dates: April 23

The event will be hosted via Zoom, however information will be posted to a private Facebook group that may help you solve the case.

This box will ship between April 10-16. We cannot guarantee delivery to international buyers before the beginning of the retreat, but we will do everything within our power to ship early to allow time for your box to reach you ahead of retreat. We recommend using a faster shipping service offered at checkout, such as UPS in order for your box to potentially reach you before the event begins.

Pre-orders close October 31